What People Are Saying

At 3 Pie Squared, customer feedback and satisfaction is very important to us. Like most of our customers, we are a small company, so we have a good understanding of the challenges you face!

We do our best to make sure every purchase our customers make not only meet, but exceed their expectations. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to make any necessary adjustments and/or answer all of your questions!

At 3 Pie Squared, our goal is to help you focus on the work you care about the most, while we take care of the tedious stuff!

The results of our 2019 Satisfaction Survey are in! We have a 95% satisfaction rating, 91% of our customers would recommend our products and services to friends or colleagues, and we save our average customer 45 hours of time! What could you do with 45 extra hours!?!?! Book a free 60 minutes consult here!

Stephen’s products have been fantastic and he is incredibly helpful. I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

Michelle, ABA Behavioral Group

3 Pie Squared online forms, employee, and client handbooks have been great during audits. They have also saved me a lot of time with paper work. Stephen Smith is very knowledgable and responsive to all questions.

Kristin, Autism & Behavioral Consulting, LLC

Excellent product! I purchased the client documents and I am looking into purchasing the employee handbook. It has save me a lot of time and covers things that I would have never thought of. I would recommend this product for any start up ABA business. It saves a lot of time that can you can direct elsewhere!

Mia, Bloom Behavior Services

I purchased the company manual and client and employee handbooks. They have saved us tons of time and made life much easier! Very thorough!

Diane, Berger Learning Group, LLC

We purchased the RBT and BCBA handbooks and they have helped us tremendously in streamlining the training process for new therapists and also providing ongoing training and evaluation for employees using a clear observation tool. Thank you!

Stefanie, Coastal Behavior Consulting

3 Pie Squared is a great reference for a company that is just starting up or one that needs some fine tuning. Their manuals are very comprehensive and include a wide rage of procedures.

Melissa, Milestones Behavioral Services

3 Pie Squared provides a high quality product that is worth the investment, especially when getting started as a new business. Stephen is well informed and knowledgeable in the necessary tools and forms needed to have in place for an agency providing ABA. I'm looking forward to utilizing other products that they offer in the future and I have already recommended 3 Pie Squared to my colleagues!

Amy, Honey Behavioral Therapy

Great products for a great price. Knowledgeable and responsive staff. Well done!

Carrie, Camp Behavioral Connections, LLC

You provide a valuable and unique service that has been very helpful to our small ABA company. Thank you!

Kathleen, Nashville Autism Services

Highly recommended for an ABA start up or any small business for that matter. All the documents you need at your fingertips!

Jen, Roots Autism Solutions and Therapeutic Academy

3 Pie Squared has been a wonderful resource for us as we update our HIPAA policies and procedures. It is extremely helpful to purchase products for our business from a company with clinical expertise. Additionally, every time I have had a question the wait time for a response is almost non-existent. Thanks, 3 Pie Squared!

Natalie, Collaborative Behavior Solutions

Stephen and his team are incredible to work with. He's very patient and knowledge and does amazing work. Our business is much more streamlined now and it's all because of him and his team. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Robin, Innovative Behavior Options

3 pie squared has saved my company hours upon hours ! They have created comprehensive documents that cover the majority of your HR needs. I highly recommend using 3piesquared for your manuals. Their client handbook has exceeded my expectations as it includes all onboaring documents. In addition, the HIPAA policy manual has provided us with knowledge and we feel comfortable that our company is using the policies and manuals to make sure all our HR needs are met!

Carmellina, Path Ways to Progress

As were are a new organization-and preparing for insurance credentialing audits- the task of writing our policies and procedures seemed overwhelming. We decided to purchase the manuals as a way to make sure we had a comprehensive set of policies and procedures there were HR reviewed. We could not be happier with our purchase! To say that Stephen's manuals are thorough is an understatement. It is literally one of the best business decisions my organization has made and I would highly recommend these products to anyone!

Jennifer BCBA, LBA TURNINGPOINT Behavior Analytic Services

As a small business, just starting up, this was one of the best investments I made. I purchased the whole package of forms, and it was definitely worth it. I’m relieved that we won’t have to scramble to assemble these documents once we begin to grow; paving the path for expansion beforehand has taken a massive stress off my plate. Thank you!!

Anoush, Hope Academy Clinical Services

We recently expanded our business to hire our first outside BCBA's. We quickly realized a need for a more formalized procedure system for our new supervisors. We found 3 pie squared and are using their supervisor handbook to formalize our policies and procedures for our new supervisors! It saved us a lot of time, and ultimately money! We look forward to purchasing more items from them in the future!

Jessica, Behavior Therapy Specialists of Illinois & Missouri

Writing the QMS document seemed overwhelming. Having this document written for me will save a lot of time! It is also nice to view other company policies to compare what your are doing is similar to others in the industry. Documents are easy to read, thorough and 3piesquared was quick to respond to questions!

Lee Ann, Take the Helm

The electronic forms are amazing! We don't have to do intakes on paper anymore! The QMS was responsible for us passing three insurance desk audits, our last one we had a score of 100%

April, Corner Piece