Applied Behavior Analysis -- That’s My Billing

Before you and your team even sit down with a client, there are a lot of logistical requirements to think about. Thank goodness for technology! The problem is, when you work in a specialized field, you need specialized tools to suit your needs. So, to help you relieve some of that pressure – with the needs of ABA in mind – we created: That’s My Billing.

That’s My Billing is a specialized, multifunctional tool, built with Behavioral Analysts to streamline processes and enhance ease of use. This utility knife of a software includes 20 necessary functions to make your day easier! Book a free 60 minutes consult here!

If you want to learn more, check out our informational videos or function descriptions below.


• Select a date range and create a client invoice in seconds!
• Generate a CMS 1500 form for fax, print, or electronic submission just as easily!
• Deliver invoices with member responsibility in the format you (or your clients) prefer.
• Upload and reconcile EOB forms at the click of a button.

Employee Management

• Create, track, and individualize records for each employee as you grow your company.
• Control employees’ level of access with ease by job title.
• Store personal and credentialing information about your employees.
• Assign your client list and set notifications for important renewal dates.
• Track payroll dates, mileage, supervision notes, to-do lists, and time off requests.
• Audit employee development through custom employee quizzes, evaluations, session integrity checklists, and more!

Client Management

• Set up virtual client files to take the hassle out of necessary intake documentation and insurance information.
• Create a custom intake packet and collect signatures in real time on any device.
• Add your funding source, insurance information, and units per service code.
• Receive color coded notifications when authorization renewals are approaching.
• Track co-pays, deductibles, and out of pocket max limits.

Supervision Meetings

• Document minutes from supervision meetings for quick reference by relevant team members.
• Select a client, and document notes.
• Assign and prioritize tasks and notifications that can be sent to team members for action or attention items.

To-Do List

• Assign urgency levels to employee tasks to clearly indicate priorities.
• Easily reference To-Do’s from the employees tab.

Employee Shoutouts

• Enhance reinforcement within your team.
• Create a supportive, positive work environment by allowing team members to give each other public recognition through “Shout Outs”.
• Determine top performers through the in-app leader board, automatically calculated through Shout Outs, and keep those employees motivated with recognition or prizes.

Session Time Tracking

• Simplify billing and documentation by tracking client timesheets right in the app.
• Create customizable session summary templates.
• Add mandatory questions about the session for employees to respond to, resulting in useful, searchable notes.
• Filter and search the notes you collect by assorted criteria for easy referencing.


• Select a date range and employee to easily create an employee’s payroll.
• View the total time and mileage for each employee, calculated for you by the app!

Expense Reporting

• Record and approve all of your purchases right in the app.
• Streamline communication with Therapists by allowing them to submit expenses for approval and allowing supervisors to approve all in one place!
• Upload your receipts for comprehensive expense tracking.

Payer Information

• Enhance ease of use by creating a payer's entry with necessary contact info banked right in the app.
• Specify your client’s sending preference: fax, mail, or EDI.

Service Codes

• Create customizable service codes, with the ability to define the limits and values of each code.
• Enter T-codes, H-codes, and more!
• Govern who can use the codes based on employee titles.
• Determine which codes can/cannot be billed at the same time or whether an employee can bill the same code multiple time, allowing for codes covering group services.

Company manager

• Track vital information such as business license renewal dates and worker compensation.
• Create employee titles and define privilege sets to control employee access to information.
• Even upload and store important tax documents!


• Compile all of the data the app collects into reports for analysis.
• Generate reports for payroll, invoices, time-off, and expenses to be exported or stored in the app.
• Even pull up graphs in the app!

Document Creator

• Create documents within the app to help meet the individual needs of your company.
• In-app storage means that documents immediately update for all users when changes are made.
• Save customized versions of our documents in the app and collect signatures for these documents on any device.
• Take advantage of this feature for easier employee evaluations, session integrity checklists, quizzes, new hire documents, and client intake documents.